Building an Airplane
Building an Airplane

Build Log 0004: EAA Benches, Decided on a Model, and Orders In!

Today was a pretty productive day.  Thursdays are usually my slow day for work, so between calls I was able to make some progress on workbenches, thanks to the help of Jerry, our good friend and former neighbor.


By the time the day was over, we had two EAA workbenches built (I opted for 66″ by 24″ bases with 72″ by 30″ tops for a 3″ overhang all around), and had unpacked some of the initial equipment that had already arrived.

What Else Has Happened Since My Last Post

  • After lots of research and soul-searching, I’ve opted to build the RV-7 over the RV-14A.  I realized that most of my flying will be with people smaller than me (my wife, daughters, etc.), and I could afford to use a few pounds throughout the build, anyway.
  • I placed the order for the RV-7 empennage kit.  Don’t have a shipping date yet, but I suspect it will be soon.  I ordered the electric trim add-on, too.
  • I placed an order for the Oshkosh RV Tool Kit from PlaneTools (Isham), a compressor (more on this later), a tabletop drill press, and more.  A lot of it should be arriving over the next week or so.
  • Finally, I ordered the Van’s practice kits (airfoil and tool box).  I’m going to tackle those first and post my work on VAF for review.  Can’t take a weekend to get to the EAA Sheet Metal Class for a few months, so I’m hoping to figure things out with the help of VAF, YouTube, etc.

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