Building an Airplane
Building an Airplane

Build Log 0003: Flying with Captain_John and Workshop Clean-Out Continues

Things are coming along nicely.  Despite whispers of the RV-10 still ringing in the back of my head, I think I’ve narrowed things down to the RV-7 or the RV-14A.  Having never flown in either, I posted on the VAF website hoping to catch a ride.  Captain_John, who is based out of Plymouth, MA was quick to respond and offer a ride.

Captain John RV-7

Holy hell!  The RV-7 is an awesome, awesome machine.  I couldn’t believe how sloppy I was, not being used to such a responsive airplane.  John’s panel is a thing of beauty, too.  Thanks again John for taking me up!

Today, I was able to do some more cleaning in the garage, and I made a ton of progress.  Tools are ordered, and workbenches are being built on Thursday with the help of my former neighbor, Jerry.  Coming together!

Workshop is Clean!

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