Building an Airplane
Building an Airplane

Build Log 0002: Garage Clean-Out and Workshop Planning Begins

In my last post, I mentioned that last time I had the benefit of a two-car garage as a workshop.  This time, I’m not so fortunate.  Our new house has an oversized one-car garage.  Based on what I’m seeing on the Van’s Air Force forum, I’m somewhat confident that I will have enough space.  We also have a couple sheds on our property which can be used for storage of wings, etc. once they’re complete.

As you can see from the picture above, the garage (or future workshop) is in dire need of a clean-out.  Avery will need to park her John Deere somewhere else pretty soon.  I think I’ll end up acquiring tools and getting things set up over the winter, and not really getting rolling until Spring on the build.  As part of this process, my 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 will be put up for sale to make space and free up the cash to get started.

Below are the dimensions of the garage:


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